‘Patnerships, Networks and Connections’ Touchpoint One

When arriving back at uni after our Christmas break we were greeted with a touch point event to start second semester of third year and to kick start our creative brains again. This event summarised our module projects and gave us an insight into other disciplines workload. We learned how important time management is, reiterating the importance of attendance and outlining module aims.
‘Partnerships, Networks and Connections’ Part 2 will deepen our critical and creative understanding that is relative to a broad range of Design and Craft issues. We will collaborate, develop and explore design proposals. I was extremely inspired by the vast amount of previous student’s work that was of such a high standard and had done so well in national and international competitions that we are about to undertake. This encourages you and gives you hope and faith in your own work and reminds you how well-established our art school is.

Creativity, Communication and professionalism is key to success.

Our semester was clearly explained as the timescale of our projects and assessments were outlined. We were made aware of the second touchpoint that was to follow with a day of workshops with two creative guest speakers, Prof David Gauntlett and Dr Amy Twigger Holroyd. It was interesting to hear about other disciplines projects and made you more aware of their work and the possibility of collaborations, that could encourage new ways of design thinking. This touch point made me excited to immerse myself back into my uni work and look forward to the second touch point workshops.


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