Our final concept prototypes.


Our final concept prototypes looking great and conveying the exact information that we wanted them to. Showing how positive and motivational we hope Fun Box will be on childrens mental health and well-being. By teaching resilience to the children through the app we will ultimately prevent mental health issues caused by social media.


Final Days Work

We collated all of our information from our market research and presented it onto three different A1 sheets. We could clearly see all the trends starting to appear in the opinions of parents on social media and how their children act towards it. We researched more thoroughly into mental illnesses and case studies that have derived from the use of social media and found many problems. The most popular problems that we found were being bullied anonymously and so we propose to counteract this problem with Fun Box by the children physically having to connect and know the friends to add them using the fun band. This shows the children real friendship and relationships.  Also isolation, so we feel the news feed and viewing what other children are doing will encourage and teach children to socialise. We concentrated on how our service will prevent mental illness and negative thinking in children and also later in life. We did this by looking at how implementing Fun Box to the age group that we targeted will educate and encourage positive thinking and therefore eliminate symptoms and aspects that social networking can start. We are presenting how our activities through using the app will build resilience and promote good mental health. This was highlighted by building confidence through independence and motivates children to try new things. The key elements of bouncing back from negative situations arisen from social media is to be optimistic, be free from stress and anxiety, be accountable for your actions, be open and flexible and to be able to navigate your way around problems.